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How AI is revolutionising product image processing
In the dynamic world of e-commerce, product image processing is crucial for the success of initial companies and intermediary service providers in the area of content production or manipulation.
Post-Pandemic E-Commerce Trends and Innovations
The COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably transformed e-commerce, impacting how products are presented and engaging diverse market dynamics.
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The Evolution of E-Commerce Post-COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the shopping landscape, pushing the boundaries of how products are marketed and presented online.
Elevating Product Imagery in E-Commerce: Standards and Innovations
In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, product image standards have evolved significantly, reflecting a shift towards high-quality, professional imagery.
Case Study
Case Study - Surfer-world is a company run by German surf champion Constantin Schürer, which within a very short period of time has grown into Germany's largest online shop for snow and surf supplies. In this case study, we took a look at how Doopic works as a service partner for the company.
Case Study
Case Study - LUIQ
With LUIQ, Doopic is supporting a young company from Munich, which initially focused its sales on the two marketplaces Amazon and eBay. For this case study, we looked at how Doopic works as a platform for a company that still has its scale-up phase ahead of it.
Case Study
Case Study - Zuumeo
With Zuumeo, Doopic is helping one of Germany's largest content providers and photo studios scale their product image processing. For this case study, we prepared the challenges, solutions and key data of cooperation.
Product photography 101
The right presentation of your products could seem like an extremely demanding task to you. This is also the case.
How to set up your own DIY photo studio on a small budget
Whether you're already selling online or want to take pictures of small to medium-sized products for internet sales, we've got what you need.
Optimum lighting for your own photo studio
Light and lighting are the most important elements in a photo studio. You could even say that the best camera in a studio with poor lighting gives worse results than a mediocre camera in a well-lit studio.
Image rights
Proper handling of image rights
Pictures make the Internet more colorful and exciting: They are essential not only for online shops; the right image can enhance a blog post and make it more interesting.