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Achieving great product image editing requires the perfect balance of a well-organised process and genuine appreciation for every step involved – and we've taken both aspects very seriously.

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Clipping and background editing

Consistency in product imagery, including uniform dimensions and optimal contrast and alignment, begins with the clipping of products and standardisation of backgrounds. We offer complete flexibility and employ a combination of skilled graphic designers and purpose-trained AI tools to ensure both speed and consistency.

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Retouching covers a broad spectrum of image manipulation techniques aimed at enhancing, adjusting, and aligning with the intended visual style and all relevant presentation factors. Common go-to options include removing dirt and dust, symmetry adjustments, wrinkle corrections, and skin texture enhancements.

While the possibilities are virtually limitless, they typically find balance between showcasing products at their best and minimising returns.

A retouched image of a male model on a white background
A retouched image of a pulloverA unretouched image of a pullover
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The "Invisible Mannequin" view is a classic in fashion product presentation, and it's become an integral part of almost any style guide. Its attributes, such as neutral representation created by the hollow space, and its cost-effective production, make it the perfect complement to a sequence of model images.

We've already assembled millions of Hollowman views, honed our expertise in achieving realistic neck and waistline modulation, and even make sure that the neck label is perfectly straight.

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Different shooting locations, inconsistent light sources, and staggered production steps often result in image materials with varying colours.

Whether it's ensuring color consistency, recolouring a product display into different color options, or exploring various color optimisation possibilities, Doopic offers a complete range of measures to guarantee an optimal consumer experience and minimise returns.

Our aim is to avoid extra efforts during image production, manage costs effectively during post-production, and save both time and money without compromising on quality.

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Size, positioning, and orientation

Although we've automated a substantial part of image, product, and model sizing and alignment, we acknowledge the significance of a meticulous review. To consistently present product categories, emphasise size proportions, and captivate the viewer's gaze effectively, it's essential to thoroughly comprehend the product and pose the appropriate questions in advance – and we excel at asking the right questions!

A blue cap on a white backgroundA blue cap unedited in a studio enviroment
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Shadows and reflections

Shadows and reflections are essential components of image composition. They ground a product in space, add depth to the two-dimensional representation, and create the impression of something tangible. Whether designed on set or composed afterward, only a realistic shadow can truly enhance a product. We create and maintain cast and drop shadows, as well as various 2D reflections, using smart actions, ensuring consistent and high-quality results.

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