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The variety of shapes, sizes, materials, surface finishes, and functionalities in this field is immense. Because of this, it's crucial to have a personalized approach when preparing and creating guides for this category. Common tasks include removing and improving reflections on chrome parts, enhancing surface finishes, and making construction corrections as specified.

An image of a girl placed on different backgrounds after getting clipped
An image of a girl placed on different backgrounds after getting clipped
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Clipping and background editing

The foundation for consistent online shop product images are uniform dimensions, optimal contrasting and alignment and the standardization of the background. This approach is particularly useful to allow customers to easily compare products and give a cohesive calming shopping experience.  We provide complete flexibility for the desired outcome and use a combination of experienced graphic designers and specially trained AI tools to ensure speed and consistency.

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Retouching covers all areas of image manipulation aimed at optimization, adaptation to guides, and highlighting relevant product atrributes. Classic go-to options include dirt and dust retouching, which is very common for surfaces of electronic devices, instruments, and many other product groups, as well as symmetry adjustments and perspective corrections.

Naturally, there are no limits to the possibilities, but they usually find their balance between optimal product representation and minimal return rates.

A retouched image of a male model on a white background
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Different shooting locations, inconsistent light sources, and delayed production steps often result in image materials with varying colors.

Whether it's ensuring color consistency, recolouring a product  into different color options, or exploring various color optimisation possibilities, Doopic offers a complete range of measures to guarantee an optimal consumer experience and minimise returns.

Our aim is to avoid extra effort during image production, manage costs effectively during post-production, and save both time and money without compromising on quality.

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Size, positioning, and orientation

Although we've automated a substantial part of image resizing, positioning, and alignment, we acknowledge the importance of performing quality assurance. To consistently present technology and electronic products, it's important to emphasize proportions by correctly sizing and positioning the product. Our extensive experience in this industry allows us to ask the right questions to optimally showcase your products.

A white pair of shoes centred on a white background
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Shadows and reflections

Shadows and reflections are important for creating a high-quality image. They anchor the product in the scene, add depth, and make it look real. Whether made on set or added later, realistic shadows and reflections enhance the product's appeal. We use smart techniques to create and maintain consistent and high-quality shadows and reflections, ensuring that items like vases have the elegant look that attracts buyers.

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