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The complete setup for your eCommerce image editing.

We combine AI-assisted image editing with the years of experience from our graphic designers across 30+ international teams for you. Choose from the complete range of editing options, manage and review your orders through, and enjoy a new outsourcing experience.

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Editing options

Doopic embodies seamless scalability and graphic work of consistently high quality. We tackle challenging peaks, ensuring perfect shop images and driving increased conversions.

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Clipping & Layers

Preparatory processing based on a high-quality AI-assisted clipping service and manually corrected paths.

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Support your visual imagery with all facets of our product and skin retouching.

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Shadows & Reflections

Enhance your products with depth, brilliance, and a unified dimension.

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Size & positioning

With your specifications, we ensure a consistent, pixel-perfect, and product-category-appropriate presentation.

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We assemble doll and inlay images into classic ghost mannequin views.

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Background editing

Cleaning, desaturation, gradients, expansion, and many other adjustment options.

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Why outsource product image editing?


More productive

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We understand the challenge of scaling high-quality product image editing without making compromises. Dealing with unavoidable peaks in workload, utilising experienced and costly in-house graphic designers for demanding tasks, always keeping an eye on the time to go online, and maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality and consistency. As an outsourcing partner, we have developed a solution that covers all aspects of the process chain.

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The “All-In-One” platform covers all the areas you need to successfully outsource your eCommerce image editing. This includes a user-friendly dashboard and detailed template management, as well as account control and comprehensive monitoring and feedback tools.

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The correct settings

Accurate image parameters are crucial for seamless usability and are already incorporated into our affordable base prices. You can specify the format, resolution, color profile, metadata, file sizes, and naming according to your needs without any additional charges.

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Marketplace and Best Practice Presets

Harness the power of best practice presets or set your relevant marketplaces as default settings for your workflows. Amplify your reach with content that's already optimised for these platforms.

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Mobile-optimised content

As per a Statista study, in 2021, the global share of e-commerce revenue generated through mobile devices already exceeded 50%.

Ensuring an optimal user experience entails not only providing online shops with mobile-optimised websites but also adapting visual content for reduced display capabilities.

Opt for "Mobile-optimised Content" as an additional output format, and we'll handle the rest for you.

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Ours workflows provide you with all the possibilities

Specify your image editing requirements from the moment you upload to the final download. Select your preferred data transfer method, including triggers, choose your editing options, determine whether you need single or multiple outputs, set the guaranteed turnaround time, and provide all necessary information about the approval process.

Additionally, you can opt for seamless systemic integration within the workflow.

We work with Customers of all sizes and industries

The Doopic system architecture provides a connection option for companies of all sizes and order volumes. In addition, we are already counting over 17 industries, in which we were able to build up experience in the area of product image processing for you.


Like jewelry, cars are characterized by reflections, curves and reflections in shape and can therefore be well designed primarily through surface patterns. Distinction between product range areas (new/used), color value adjustments or perspective corrections are other typical requirements in the area of automotive retouching and can also be easily standardized, especially in combination with automated, preparatory processing steps.


Retouching jewelry product images presents its own challenges. Realistic material reproduction without studio reflections and glare effects, or the correct assembly of individual images with different levels of focus using the so-called stacking method are product group standards. It is often a rarer addition, but also a product group-specific, to work out dimensions that are difficult to communicate.


In addition to environmental embedding, perspective corrections and complex shadows, the diverse surfaces and materials used in the area of furniture retouching are a topic that is at the heart of the requirements catalogues. Colour-fast, high-quality and realistic to avoid expensive returns. Recoloring is also often a cost-effective alternative to producing a variant for bulky objects.


The last major home of reflection - albeit in decline. Because in addition to the glossy approach of the 80s plastic, glass and precious metal worlds, there has now been an almost graphic requirement for form, packaging and environment. The typical look is therefore no longer really discernible even in this product group.


The Doopic system architecture provides a connection option for companies of all sizes and order volumes. In addition, we already have over 17 industries in which we have been able to build up experience in the area of product image processing for you.

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Do you have a question? Talk to our Customer Success Team

Need a demo or want to learn more about how we can meet your image editing needs? Our experienced Customer Success Team is happy to assist you with any questions you have about our service.

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