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We edit your second hand product images

Quick and immediate images, used as representations or condition descriptions, are often overlooked. This happens partly to avoid the suspicion of altering the original appearance, and partly because items without significant details are often considered not important enough to justify the cost of product image editing. However, many of our customers have been convinced by Doopic's competitive prices, fast turnaround times, and intuitive processes. Not every product needs extensive editing to achieve a great result.

An image of a girl placed on different backgrounds after getting clipped
An image of a girl placed on different backgrounds after getting clipped
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Clipping and background editing

The foundation for a consistent shop image, uniform dimensions, and optimal contrasting and alignment of all types of products often involves clipping the products and standardizing the background. We provide complete flexibility for the desired outcomes and utilize experienced graphic designers along with specially trained AI tools to ensure speed and consistency.

This approach is particularly beneficial for used products, as it allows for neutral presentation and enhances their appeal through high-quality imagery.

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Retouching covers all areas of image manipulation aimed at optimization, adjustment, supporting intended visual languages, and all relevant presentation factors. Classic go-to options include dirt and dust removal, symmetry adjustments, wrinkle corrections, and skin tone corrections.

Of course, images of auction and second-hand products should convey their neutral condition, but even an antique ring can appear more appealing in a naturally retouched jewellery box.

Naturally, there are no limits to the possibilities, but for this category, the balance is typically struck between honest product representation and ideal presentation.

A retouched image of a male model on a white background
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Different photography setups, inconsistent light sources, and staggered production steps can lead to color variations in the original image material.

Whether ensuring color consistency, reproducing a key color attribute like the one shown in this pendant, or applying a general, uniform brightening, Doopic offers a full range of measures to meet your needs.

A white pair of shoes centred on a white background
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Size, positioning, and orientation

Even though we have automated large parts of the dimensioning and alignment of product images, we understand the importance of a second look. To consistently present product groups, highlight size relationships, and engage the viewer effectively, it is crucial to understand the product well and ask the right questions upfront - and we ask the right questions!

For coins, like the auction example shown, comparable representation plays a crucial role, as we know from one of our customers.

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Shadows and reflections

Shadows and reflections are integral to a compelling image composition. They anchor a product in space, give depth to a two-dimensional representation, and create the impression of something tangible. Whether designed on set or added afterward, only a realistic shadow can add value to the product. We create and maintain drop shadows, cast shadows, and various 2D reflections using smart techniques to ensure consistent and high-quality results.

The depicted guitar, for instance, appears surprisingly high-quality for a used product, thanks to the shadowing and reflections.

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