How does Doopic work?

For those interested in how we scale your image quotas, here's a glimpse into our architecture and the answer to why we approach some things very differently.

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Our systems

From the beginning, Doopic has pursued an alternative approach that ensures maximum flexibility. The goal has always been a system architecture that allows each individual process step to be mapped separately. This not only gives us the opportunity to fully utilize our graphic partners according to their strengths and capacities but also to seamlessly integrate technical solutions for specific actions based on availability.

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Doopic Plattform

The Doopic platform is your personal space. Here, all the tools are housed to assist you in processing your orders, from login to the final completion of the order.

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Doopic HUB

The Doopic system serves as our control center. Here, all orders are prepared, split, and processed using AI and automation, both before and after the tasks are carried out. They are consolidated, checked, and approved within the system.

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Doopic CONNECT is our gateway to the world. Here, all our graphic partners are connected, evaluated, managed, and supplied. Communication also takes place through Doopic CONNECT.

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The perfect combination of AI, automation and manual work.

One of the major challenges of our time is the profitable implementation of continually improving AI tools into complex processing workflows. This requires designing the process to be capable of controlling individual, isolated processing steps as well as ensuring the ability to revise each step if necessary.

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Next Day Online

One of the key factors for conversion in eCommerce is "time to online." For this reason, our image editing processes are designed to seamlessly and effectively complement your production context. This ensures turnaround times that you will hardly notice.

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Join over 10,000+ companies, who have optimised their image editing with Doopic

With a wealth of experience from countless use cases, we look forward to addressing your needs and assisting you in scaling your eCommerce product image editing.

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