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We edit your furniture and decor images

When editing furniture and decor items, it's crucial to focus on different textures and materials, adjusting perspectives, and editing shadows. At the same time its important to make sure the colors are authentic, high-quality, and realistic to avoid costly returns.

An image of a girl placed on different backgrounds after getting clipped
An image of a girl placed on different backgrounds after getting clipped
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Clipping and background editing

To create a consistent eCommerce shop with uniform dimensions and optimal product alignment in the furniture and interior design sector, we clip the products and standardize the background. This approach complements popular lifestyle shots. We offer complete flexibility in how products are displayed. For items with clear contours, like sofas, cabinets, or shelves, we use specially trained AI tools to ensure quick and consistent results.

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Retouching covers all areas of image manipulation aimed at optimization, adaptation, support of targeted visual languages, and representation-relevant factors. For flat cabinet and table variants, texture-rich upholstered furniture, or larger, perspective-shot items such as beds, the most used editing options include dirt and dust retouching, symmetry, or wrinkle corrections. Naturally, there are no limits to the possibilities, but they usually find their balance between optimal product representation and minimal return rates.

A retouched image of a male model on a white background
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Different photo setups, inconsistent lighting, and delayed production steps can cause color variations in original image material. Doopic offers a full range of solutions to ensure color consistency. Including recoloring color optimization. This helps avoid extra work during image production, saves time and money in post-production, and maintains quality. Recoloring is especially beneficial for high-priced and bulky items like beds or large couches that take a lot of time to set up and are available in many colors.

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Size, positioning, and orientation

To consistently represent product groups its important to look at the position of the product to effectively engage the viewer, so when users browse through the color options of a lamp, the experience should not be disrupted by inconsistent product positioning.

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Shadows and reflections

Shadows and reflections are important for creating a high-quality image. They anchor the product in the scene, add depth, and make it look real. Whether made on set or added later, realistic shadows and reflections enhance the product's appeal. We use smart techniques to create and maintain consistent and high-quality shadows and reflections, ensuring that items like vases have the elegant look that attracts buyers.

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