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Behind an impressive service, there is always an impressive team

With over 100 years of combined experience across various fields, a plethora of self-made skills, and an abundance of enthusiasm, we've assembled a motivated and harmonious team that we're incredibly proud of - and rightfully so.

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About Doopic

Doopic was founded in 2014, born out of a challenging experience in coordinating the capacities of Asian clipping companies. Our initial mission was to make high-quality service accessible to the European market by introducing both pre and post-production quality control, ultimately enhancing the overall user experience. Over the years, this unique approach has evolved into a platform that seamlessly connects various service providers with our customers' orders through segmented and standardised processing instructions. All of this is efficiently managed and continuously improved by Doopic.

In tandem with our dedicated quality and support team based in Berlin, we have established an exceptional price-performance ratio for E-commerce image editing, enabling remarkable scalability. Building on this foundation, Doopic has ventured into the tech sector. We introduced our proprietary feedback tool, "REACT," allowing for in-depth online image control akin to Photoshop. We automated individual pre and post-processing steps and successfully implemented system-supported image control.

With the maturation of AI-powered image editing and process support, Doopic has definitively transformed from a system-supported service provider into a technology-driven company. Our upcoming projects are predominantly focused on integrating forward-thinking, intelligent solutions to offer our customers an approach that anticipates trends rather than merely following them.

We are hiring

Our HR department is always open to discussing job openings or other collaboration opportunities. Feel free to explore our Careers page.

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